Leftism: MASSIVE and Toxic Psychological Projection

They say, “Wear your masks for MY sake. Shut down your business for MY sake.” And they call us narcissists.

They say, “If you’re white, you’re a victimizer. Because of your great-great grandparents. If you’re black, you’re a victim–no matter what.” And they call us racists.

They say, “Unlimited, guaranteed income for sitting home and doing nothing. $75K a year — to start.” And they call capitalism greedy.

They say, “Germs will kill you if you go to the grocery store.” And they “peacefully” protest in groups of thousands, for months on end. And they call us irrational.

They say, “Trump is an agent of the Russians”, even after their own hand-picked investigator finds nothing. And they call us conspiracy theorists.

They say, “Republicans and Trump can’t be trusted with the election.” The same people whose President, Vice President and FBI director spied on Trump’s presidential campaign and transition staff. And they call us shameful.

They say they care about the Constitution while claiming subjectively defined “hate speech” should be censored, and that everyone’s guns should be confiscated. And they call Trump a dictator.

It’s the most massive and toxic demonstration of psychological projection in human history. It’s sick, it’s evil and — if not massively bludgeoned on November 3 — it will be the death of civilization as we know it.

VOTE — like your life depends on it.



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