Biden’s Permanent Lockdown & Mandatory Masks Will NOT “Unify” America

Democrats talk of “unifying” the country. They want to nationalize most of the economy, force everyone to wear masks forever, lock down the country indefinitely, confiscate guns, obliterate free speech, disarm the police, and outlaw fossil fuels–i.e., modern civilization–within a decade. How the HELL is this supposed to unify the country? It’s a murder-suicide pact. If you vote for Biden or any Democrat for Congress or governor, you’re basically saying: “Just shoot me.” The only way Biden can unify us is to convince EVERYONE that it’s time for America, and human liberty, to die.

I hear tales of small businesses bribing employees back to work by paying them more than the government’s open-ended, hyperinflated unemployment benefits. Why work for $30K or $40K per year when government will pay you $50K indefinitely? Gee, the Communists in Soviet Russia, Cuba and Venezuela should have thought of this high-priced socialism, right? Wrong. It’s going to create a bubble. The government can’t pay more than the market and expect businesses to go on. Something has to break. Also, it destroys the independence and self-responsibility of people, qualities civilization requires to continue. We can’t go on being this stupid.

Biden says lock the country down again. But we did that back in March. Things still aren’t fully open in most places. What will a new lockdown accomplish that the first one didn’t? What will a national mask mandate accomplish that state mandates didn’t? It’s magical thinking: the basis for insanity. That’s what dictators and people insulated from reality their whole lives do. Biden’s life, and the lives of the corrupt cartoon caricatures he calls his family, will be totally unaffected by any of the destruction he promises. If we remain on the premise that civilization must COMPLETELY STOP until there are no viruses, then we might as well all kill ourselves now. A vote for Biden is an act of suicide-homicide. Suicide-homicide in the name of “saving lives”, no less. I truly hold you personally responsible for that action if you vote for him, or support his party in any way.



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