Will the United States End With “President Biden”?

Evil is weak. It only survives as a parasite on the good. Republicans can be contradictory, but Democrats and their rotten media culture are undiluted, irredeemable evil. One major vulnerability of Democrats: They only talk to each other. Their schools, their news sources, their sports, entertainment and corporate figures all agree with them. Millions don’t agree with them, which is how they got President Trump. But leftists don’t grasp dissension. That’s why they shriek, howl and intimidate others at the mere hint of it. It insulates them from knowing reality, kind of like drug abuse insulates you from knowing reality. But in the end, reality is still there. That’s how they ended up with President Trump. And it’s how they could well end up getting him again.

Remember, Communism and fascism refer to force and brutality. They are criminal enterprises. Democrats stand for a horrific hybrid of the two. Mark my words: Democrats are capable of anything. Hitler and Stalin’s visions will come to America, if we don’t squash them, and squash them fiercely. Hopefully the ballot box will be enough–if they even permit an election. We cannot leave the fate of what Lincoln called “the last, best hope of Earth” in the hands of the post office–or Joe Biden. The United States simply cannot end like that.



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