The Hollow “Souls” of Cancel Culture

Cancel culture in America is picking up speed, but Superman himself, actor Dean Cain, told “Fox and Friends” that it needs to end in Hollywood.

“This cancel culture within Hollywood, it is a cancer,” he said. “It’s McCarthyism and it’s threatening people [by saying] ‘look, I’m going to take away your ability to make a living, your livelihood if you don’t toe the party line.’ And it’s not going to end well, I promise you.”

Dean Cain: What a brave, rare, independent soul. Leftism is an irrational ideology overtaking society just like Hitler’s hatred enveloped Germany. These cancel culture people have no souls, not if souls consist of thinking and empathy. They are dreary nothings–and yet we allow these tortured, toxic abusers to control and intimidate us.


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