Trump’s Shrewd Strategy on Mail-In Voting Fraud

Based on his interview with Sean Hannity last night, I believe President Trump is laying the groundwork to challenge the election results in November — based upon the probable mail-in ballot fraud Democrats are trying to perpetrate. Trump cited recent examples in New York state and elsewhere that show how mail-in voting leads to chaos and disputed results — even when the two candidates are in the same party. Just imagine the kind of disputes we’ll see nationwide with one of the most contested presidential elections in American history if the POST OFFICE, of all things, will determine the outcome.

The President is entirely right to pursue this strategy. The simple fact is that Democrats are willing to cheat. We know this because they lied through the “Russia-gate” scandal, and they literally made up data to get through their failed impeachment attempt. They are dictators. Dictators and abusers feel ENTITLED to power. Anything they do to attain it is rationalized and justified in their minds. They justify it to the gullible sycophants who vote for them by telling them, “We care. We want to give you free stuff because we love you.” Control is not love. Communists, socialists and collectivists care about nothing other than their quest for power over others, along with money and status. They are narcissists, sociopaths. They don’t like being questioned or challenged. No liars do.

If President Trump were any other Republican, he’d sheepishly and humbly go along with mail-in voting and quietly accept the certain results, based on fraud. Not Donald Trump.



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