Hey, Teachers: No Work, No Pay

Now that Iowa GOP Gov. Kimberly Reynolds has said that the state’s schools must hold at least 50% of their core instruction in person unless they have a positive coronavirus test rate of at least 15% in their county and at least 10% absenteeism among students, Iowa teachers are reacting by sending her mock obituaries.

The obituaries were triggered by art teacher Jeremy Dumkreiger, who penned an obituary for himself on the local news blog Iowa Starting Line, The Hill reported. He urged other teachers to write their obituaries to “demand Gov. Reynolds declare a statewide school mask mandate,” adding, “If we do not require this mask mandate, we risk the chance of driving our teachers and schools into the ground, literally.”

Imagine if Walmart employees, McDonald’s employees, police, utility workers or grocery store staff said what teachers are saying. In effect, “We will not go back to work until we feel 100 percent sure nobody can ever, ever get a cold–and yes, that may be never. Oh, and we still want full pay and benefits. Forever.” I say let’s defund these schools until further notice.


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