POSTPONED Election or PHONY “mail-in” Election … That’s Your Choice, America

President Donald Trump suggested delaying elections over the pandemic on Thursday.

Trump said that an election conducted by mail-in voting would lead to the “most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history.” The president has warned against Democratic calls for greatly expanding the absentee voting system for weeks, asserting that U.S. elections would be exponentially more vulnerable to fraud and abuse. [Daily Wire]

I get why he’s saying it. It’s a chess game. IF things are so dangerous out there we can’t hold legitimate elections, then maybe we should delay the election? At least theoretically, this forces Democrats to reply: “Well, it’s not that bad out there.” That would mean no more mask mandates and the economy would have to open up again. Or, if we can’t do that, then we delay the election.

Of course, you have to remember: Democrats are sociopaths, criminals and totalitarians. In states they run — like California, New York, and my own state of Delaware — THEY SIMPLY DON’T CARE. Having mail-in voting is simply a way of going through the motions, making it look like there’s an election when they know full well there’s no such thing. They’re using COVID as an excuse to intimidate swing states into having cheat-by-mail. That swings the election to Biden, for sure. Even Soviet Russia held “elections” of this kind. It’s what Communists and fascists do. They intellectually and psychologically sedate the population into believing there’s “democracy” when there isn’t.

I’m sure Democrats are already screaming, “See? See? Trump’s a dictator! He doesn’t want an election!” People predisposed to hate Trump already thought he was a dictator anyway. People predisposed to like Trump will see through the B.S. and ignore it. Just where we were before: In a state of Civil War.

Sadly, that Civil War is intensifying. Because once a President of the United States suggests our upcoming election has no validity — correctly, in my view — then we are at a place the United States has never been in before, not in its 250 year history … With the possible exception of 1861-65, the era of America’s first Civil War.

If we’re fortunate, we’ll avoid the horrific bloodshed of another civil war. I surely hope so. But I don’t see how the United States, as we’ve known it, can possibly hold together during the truly catastrophic events playing out before our eyes. Politically, in fact, it seems that we’re already over as a democratic republic. What’s the point of an election that half the population will not consider valid under any circumstances?


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