Conservatives Must Learn NON-Compliance

The “powers that be” are in a pickle. They say we have to lock down, social distance and wear masks because there’s a virus. But there will always be a virus. If not this virus, then another one. And, even when/if there’s a vaccine, not everyone will get the vaccine (government simply can’t force EVERYONE), and there will always be a new virus out there, too. So on their current assumptions, we have to keep these restrictions in place forever. The only way to LIFT the restrictions would be to concede — at least indirectly — that they were wrong.

Just imagine your mayor or governor saying in March 2021, or November 2021, “Well, there’s still a virus, but we don’t have to wear masks any longer.” It’s not going to happen. Not unless that mayor or governor concedes he or she was wrong. Mayors and governors are mostly arrogant narcissists and pricks. They don’t admit wrongdoing. They double and triple down, precisely as we see them doing right now. Democrats are the worst, but they all do it, with only a couple of exceptions.

So we’re stuck. We’re stuck because the great majority of us have decided to comply. Most of us have concluded it’s easier to comply than not. Some of us think it will all be over after the election. Well, that may be true, but I don’t think so. If Trump wins, the Democratic side will be worse than ever. Masks will be the least of our problems as they incite and foster even more chaos and destruction. And if Trump loses, masks will be the least of our problems. Why? Because the message will have been sent that the radical far left — the Marxist left — can win in America. Once they see that, they will go a LOT further than making us wear masks.

I’m not trying to be negative. I’m being realistic. And there is a solution. STOP COMPLYING. Be a royal pain in the neck to your governors and mayors. Dissent, not just verbally on social media, but in actual practice. Make it hard for them to rule you. I know, you don’t want a fine. You don’t want to be embarrassed. You don’t want to be politically incorrect, because you might lose customers or have to change jobs. Those are NOT trivial concerns. But think about a total loss of liberty. We are ONE election away from becoming a Marxist state — because that’s the platform the Democrats are running on, and if they do win, it will be a victory for Marxism. America is over, at that point. If they lose in a crushing defeat, it will be a great thing, but the war will be far from over.

I’m not saying you should be sacrificial martyrs for freedom. Freedom should not be a sacrifice. Totalitarianism IS a sacrifice. If you’re afraid of being chewed out by a nasty leftist Democrat friend or relative, or you’re petrified of losing a few customers (probably not as many as you think), or if you might have to change jobs, then think about the brave souls who stood up in the American Revolution, the anti-slavery side in the Civil War, and the Civil Rights movement when led by Martin Luther King. Think about THEM. If you’re not willing to raise the bar to that level, then you’re going to get … well, frankly you’re going to get exactly what you asked for.



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