People Fret About a Virus as America’s Cities Collapse in Barbarism

At least a dozen Seattle police officers were injured on Sunday as rioters attacked multiple police precincts, a municipal court, an Amazon building, and a Starbucks.

The Seattle Police Department said the rioters “were responsible for a significant amount of property damage to government buildings and private businesses” and that “at least a dozen officers were injured.” [The Daily Wire 7/20/20]

Notice the disparity between the Seattle Police Department and their boss — Seattle’s mayor:

The Seattle Police Department tweeted out photographs of some of the damage, writing: “Demonstrators went from Westlake Park to the Municipal Courthouse and then headed back north to the West Precinct…leaving behind a trail of property destruction. These are criminal acts, not peaceful protests.”

Where’s the mayor?

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has yet to issue any kind of a statement about the violent riots, the destruction of property, the attacks on government buildings, or the at least dozen police officers who were injured.

No civilized city (or nation) can go on like this, where the police force sees the crime for what it is, and the mayor — well, the mayor calls the destruction of life, liberty and property a “Summer of Love.”

President Trump is called a dictator by this mayor for threatening to use federal force to do what the mayor and city council of Seattle refuse to do: Uphold the individual rights of the citizens. Other than the right to life, the right to property is the most basic right there is. We scream about the need for “safety” in the context of the COVID virus. What about REAL safety — the right to count on both the mayor of your city AND the police to retaliate against people who break the windows of your business? And loot your own property?

These are such basic questions. Even the need to ask them shows how insane — and evil — much of our society has become. People are prepared to vote for this mayor (or her equivalent) again after she actively sides with the criminals. These people who vote for her are just as evil as the criminals. I cut them NO slack. Ditto for those who support Joe Biden and his now anarchist, openly Communist party, a movement with no regard whatsoever for individual property rights.

We can’t go on like this. We are NOT going on like this. In the cities, lives are falling apart. If this leftist mentality dominant in Seattle gets hold at the national level, then all of America will be without protection. We will be in a state of perpetual civil war with nobody to defend us, except our own (undoubtedly illegal) weapons.

Isn’t that just a TINY bit scarier than a virus with a 99.9999 percent survival rate?



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