Green Light for Tyranny: It’s Your Fault, Americans

The Texas government suggests wearing masks IN YOUR HOME. Can you believe it? That’s REPUBLICAN Texas we’re talking about.

You can expect the mandate to wear masks inside your house will eventually come. Everything that starts out as a government “suggestion” becomes a mandate. If not in Texas, surely in other states. And, the next time we have a “Democratic” President, it will be mandated across the country. Biden has already promised as much.

I have been saying for weeks that the mask mandates are not going away. The only way they’ll ever go away is if (1) Trump loses, and (2) the mask mandates get replaced by something far worse.

The point isn’t the mask. The point is to FORCE YOU TO DO SOMETHING THAT CLEARLY MAKES NO SENSE. Once they know they can force you to do this, they will know they can force you to do anything. Right up through and including concentration camps. They’ll call it something else — but believe me, on our current course, those are coming. They will come from the fascist left, but we now know (based on Texas) that Republican politicians will find a way to rationalize it all. No, I don’t think Donald Trump will. But he will not be around forever, and many Republicans are rancid and corrupt cowards.

Citizens are not fighting any of this. Not on any scale that’s required to intimidate these government officials into backing down. As a country, we have sent our tyrants the message, “You can do whatever you want to us. We will take it. We might resent it and talk behind your backs. But we’ll take it.”

Once that message is out there, you can be sure people in power — Republicans included, as Texas shows — will exploit it to the fullest.

They have their rationalizations. It’s for your own health and welfare. THOSE CLAIMS MEAN NOTHING. Hitler, Mao and the Soviets used the exact same rationalizations. Are we supposed to surrender our very lives and liberty simply because the person taking those from us tells us it’s for our own good?

What in the hell happened to Texas? What in the hell happened to America?

Increasingly, there are no words. People who won’t fight back will simply get what they deserve. That’s not an opinion. It’s simply a fact. You can’t NOT communicate. By saying and doing nothing as your public officials lose their minds, then you’re telling them there’s a green light to run all over you.

It’s incredibly sad this is happening in America. I don’t know where else people will go. The people flooding into this country aren’t running from freedom. They’re running from the very thing we’re installing in America right now.

Shame, shame, shame on most of us for letting it go.



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