You Can’t “Follow the Science” if Government is in Charge of Science

According to The David Webb Show (Patriot Network, XM Radio) this morning, labs have been found in Flordia to be reporting 100 percent positive for COVID results. This means that EVERY SINGLE PERSON testing at these labs has been found to be positive!

We’re told to “follow the science”. What does science have to say about this? That a test with everyone showing up “positive” means anything at all? That scientists and hospitals working for a deranged government are honest? At what point do we admit that while COVID is a virus that actually exists, the handling of COVID is ENTIRELY POLITICAL?

Wall Street is excited this morning over a possible vaccine. This happens about twice a month. They think this means Biden will lose and Trump will win. I certainly hope Trump wins and Biden loses. But if Trump’s victory hinges on a false belief that a government-inspired and government-mandated vaccine will even begin to solve our problems, then the American people are now too ignorant to benefit from whatever Trump has to offer.

Our biggest virus right now is irrationality. There’s a cure for that. It’s called reason. It’s called facts, critical thinking and logic. It’s called objectivity. Science is the implementation of reason. Practiced honestly and conscientiously, science is truly sacred. People are right to revere science. But the government — whether in Florida, or anywhere else — is NOT offering us science.

Liars cannot be scientists.



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