Yes to “Buy-Cotts”!

“Buy-cott” is a promising method for advocates of freedom. We saw this with Goya foods, after they praised President Trump and then were threatened with boycotts by leftists. We still have a free market in America, more or less. People are still free to choose or reject whatever products are for sale. Under a dictatorship — which leftists want — there would be no choice. So we have to exercise that choice, on principle, while we still have it. After one or two more elections with “cheat by mail”, we might not even have the option.

Also, leftists — at least the type who have nothing better to do than arrange boycotts — are not in a position to do “buy-cotts”. Many of them live off their parents or the government, especially with these huge and open-ended unemployment benefits right now. Leftists, aside from the tiny number of billionaire guilt-ridden ones, are largely losers and underachievers. Let them try to out-do productive people with boycotts over buy-cotts. Even if you don’t care about Goya Foods, or Gone With the Wind, or any of these other things leftists are trying to boycott and eventually outlaw … be sure to BUY them anyway. It might push a few of these little tyrants living in their parents’ basements over the edge. That would be a GOOD thing for the cause of freedom and individual rights.


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