In a Marxist America, Sports Will Be Political

Sports commentator and former basketball star Charles Barkley says sports is becoming a woke “circus.” Here’s what you have to understand: In a Marxist society, EVERYTHING is political. Everything is also owned, managed and run by the government. Government means politics. That means ONE-PARTY politics. The one party, in America, is the Democratic Party. It doesn’t matter what they call themselves. They are the ONE party. It’s already like that in California, New York and other forever blue states. If you want to know what one-party rule is like, go to California. The Republican Party is irrelevant, and as Democrats control the voting process, for all practical purposes the Republican Party is now illegal. Democrats are moving far to the left because, increasingly, they know they face no opposition. One reason they hate Donald Trump so much is that he’s their only significant opposition left. Trump is a one-man media. He’s not the Republican Party. The Republican Party is bought and sold just like the Democratic Party. That’s how Donald Trump took it over. The party was dead, certainly with George W. Bush and probably at the end of Reagan’s terms.

Going forward, everything we have known to be private, entertainment, personal or outside the realm of politics is now to be political. Show me one shred of evidence where I’m wrong. Read about Marxism, and you’ll discover this is the Marxist way. If you don’t think America has already gone Marxist, as a culture, then you’re right in only one respect: We can still register dissent. For how long, I don’t know. Once the Democrats get all the power they seek back at the federal level — the Deep State, the schools, the media and the corporate world are STILL not enough for them — then it seems like only a matter of time before we’re disarmed of our guns, as well as our voices. Facebook and Twitter are mostly doing the job for them, at this time. But yes, we still have dissension. That’s about it. Use it well, and use it wisely. Good luck, comrades.


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