“WOKE-ness” Dehumanizes Us

WOKE-ness dehumanizes people. It robs them of their individuality. It’s racism — just in a different form. When you talk about “the plight of black people” you have taken the individual identity, consciousness and soul of every single black person and turned those individuals into tools of political and other kinds of manipulation. That’s not right. It’s not enlightened. It’s not rational. It’s not sophisticated. And it’s certainly not superior.

It’s no more rational to lump all black people together as victims than it is to lump all black people together as fools, parasites or anything the old white supremacists used to claim. The moment you start lumping people together AS A RACE is the moment you have obliterated their individuality. That’s racism.

Why can’t self-described “progressives” see this? I think some of them sense it, but they don’t have the words to say it. And they’re afraid of being called racist by the very people who are dehumanizing us all. Our racial and cultural components are part of who we are — but far from the most important part. The individual self makes up the core of our very being. That’s why individualism is so valuable. It respects and honors the self as a functioning, thinking, feeling, acting and autonomous human being.

WOKE-ness is returning us to the savage, tribal mindset of barbarians. That’s why it leads to nothing but destruction. DEFUND the police. That means destroy the ability of people to defend themselves with the help of trained professionals. DISARM ourselves, they also demand. That means robbing people of the ability to self-defend, even without the police. DESTROY and knock down statues. As if that can change history. And most of the history being destroyed are the statues of the liberators, like Abraham Lincoln.

What do anarchists like CHOP in Seattle have to offer? Nothing. They have no monuments, no ideals, no principles — even wrong ones — to guide them. They stand for nothing. They advocate, in practice, destruction for its own sake. They only know how to tear down. They offer nothing in return.

WOKE-ness is dehumanizing. That’s because it takes away our individuality. People who tell you to think primarily in terms of your race, and to wage cultural and even literal war against others of a different race … why, they are racists themselves. If you cannot see this, then you are too wrapped up in your own ignorant and irrational assumptions to ever be anything but a destructive, toxic person.




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