Resist or Roll Over, Non-Leftists: The Choice is Yours

It’s absurd to think of leftists and anti-Trumpers as a “resistance”. They are the establishment. They’re the ones who initiate violence. They’re the ones who threaten, intimidate, boycott, shame, moralize, and throttle in any way they can. Leftists are bullies.

The rest of us need to learn what resistance really means. Leftists “resist” like children having a tantrum. They have everything they want, except for Donald Trump out of the White House. They’re unimaginable, profoundly insecure babies who will not tolerate any dissension. WE have to resist THEM.

Real resistance means simply: STOP COOPERATING. Stop pretending to go along, when you don’t. Don’t wear a mask. Make someone get a police officer to force you to put it on. Put it on, if you must, but do it resentfully and with great complaining. Do it peacefully and with principle. Martin Luther King provided a good example of that in American history. The early American revolutionaries did so too; they only got physical when they had no choice but to fight back.

Resistance is a last resort. Sadly, we are there. Leftists control the culture: 95 percent of the media, higher education, public schools, entertainment culture — even sports. Leftists don’t make up 95 percent of the population; but they control the institutions and sectors that disproportionately influence people in any society. That includes government, but it’s much more than government. Football games, I’m told, will soon have Black Lives Matter logo on jerseys. Taking a knee to show disrespect for America’s heritage of liberty is now commonplace, if not socially mandatory. Mrs. Butterworth is history. It’s not like it’s a debate any longer. THAT’S what I mean by controlling the culture.

In more and more cities, leftists will soon control the police, and that’s the real turning point. Police, despite their racial diversity and despite the fact I’m sure plenty of them vote Democratic, are still too conservative for leftists. They want their own kind to hold the guns. Communist social workers with guns. For an example of what I mean, watch what happens in Minneapolis and, soon after, New York, Los Angeles and other major cities. You can be SURE there will still be force and guns. Just of a different kind. It won’t just be turned against rapists, murderers and thieves. Under leftist rule, political crimes will be just as serious, if not more so. Remember, these leftists can get away with anything and know there’s no chance the idiots who voted them in will ever vote them out. And once mail-in voting becomes commonplace, it’s all over for non-leftist dissenters. Trump might stop it for 2020 (here’s hoping), but it’s already in place in blue states.

Increasingly, those who are NOT leftists will be left with no other choice but to resist. I sense we’re already there. It’s either resist or roll over. It’s not a pretty choice. But we have to be real: Leftists won the war for the culture. Donald Trump is in the White House, and that’s still a beautiful thing. But no President can stop everything, not when virtually the entire culture is against you. And Donald Trump won’t be there forever. I am not being negative; I am being real. On this 4th of July, I urge others to start doing the same.



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