The Election Won’t Stop the Insanity; the Outcome Might

Will all the crazy hysteria, looting, rioting, mask mandating be magically gone after Election Day? Not if Trump wins. It will make them madder. The ONLY thing that might subdue these crazies, for a time, would be a decisive Trump win along with a total Republican takeover of the Congress and most statehouses. That would be a devastating, historic defeat for the left, particularly the totalitarian Communist left as we have come to know it. As much as I WANT to believe that will happen, as it did in Great Britain a few months back for Conservatives, I have no way of knowing. Democratic operatives are decisively, brazenly and willfully destroying our rule of law and our liberties in order to win. They will sacrifice anything and anyone to win. That’s what DICTATORS do.

All I know: This will be the most stressful election of my lifetime (I am 57). It’s not just an election for political junkies or students of history. It’s an election that will change the outcome of everyone’s daily lives, going forward, not to mention the lives of their children or grandchildren.

If Trump doesn’t win big, then you have a sample of what’s coming by what has been going on in 2020 so far. This is how criminals, sociopaths and dictators act — especially when they have virtually all of the media and schools/culture on their side. The only way for decent and rational people to fight back against such insurmountable odds? VOTE like you’ve never voted before. You don’t have to love Trump or Republicans. Vote for them anyway. Because the Democratic left is TOTALITARIAN in a way that Americans have never known. They have to be obliterated. This election is our last peaceful hope of avoiding an all-out civil war. And if the election is close or in dispute, we’ll have a civil war anyway. The left will go berserk if Trump wins by a close margin. If he and the Republicans crush them it will be an overwhelming repudiation of the Green New Deal, endless lockdowns, defunding the police and replacing them with Communism and anarchy.




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