Let’s Go Back a Year in Time

What would have been your reaction a year ago, if someone had told you the following:

“It’s presently June 2019. A year from now, in mid-2020, the country will be rocked with rioters. Statues will fall, even in front of the White House; Black Lives Matter/Antifa will be destroying cities; Minneapolis (where the riots start) will literally disband the police and replace them with some kind of hybrid Communist secret police social worker mob, while city officials hire private security to protect themselves. Other cities will follow suit, not yet disbanding the police, but gradually defunding them in hopes of ‘replacing’ them with God-knows-what. Even the NYPD is not safe.

All of this will come on the heels of a massive nationwide lockdown, imposed mostly by left-wing Democratic governors and mayors but even supported by President Trump for a time. Nobody will be allowed outside of the house, in quite literally a state of localized martial law. Why? Because of COVID, a troubling virus, though no more troubling than SARS or H1N1, for which no such radical lockdown of society was ever proposed. The streets of Manhattan, Times Square and all, will literally be deserted, like a Stephen King novel. 99.99 percent of the country will be healthy, but nearly everyone will be forced indoors for an indefinite time.

The booming economy will crash and there will be unemployment levels not seen since the Great Depression, almost overnight. Democrats will declare it’s all Trump’s fault, and now more than ever we don’t only need socialized medicine and the Green New Deal, but we also need a guaranteed national income for doing nothing ($50K a year, to start), and nationwide mandates that everyone must wear face masks to avoid the spread of germs … well, possibly forever. Oh, and the lockdowns will continue until a vaccine is developed for the virus, and people’s cell phones will be monitored to determine their location and identify whether they have tested positive or not. Private businesses — restaurants, retail stores — will be required to assist in the identification of people through use of their cell phones, perhaps credit cards and whatever else is required for the federal and local governments to do what they wish.

Governors will be granted unlimited executive authority for an indefinite period to do whatever they wish, placing both the U.S. Bill of Rights on hold as well as state constitutions. There will be no checks whatsoever on a governor’s power, so long as the “emergency” is in effect. For how long? Until the governors say so. Nobody else decides; just the governor him- or herself. Higher courts, even the U.S. Supreme Court or state supreme courts, may not override them. Nor may state legislatures. If they think they can, the governors will just ignore them, on the premise of a statewide emergency. President Trump is reluctant to go this far although he falls for some of it, at first. He criticizes most of it, but seems unable or unwilling to stop it. Democrats demand that the next President, the one they nominate for the job, institute a nationwide dictatorship immediately upon winning office, which the Democrats aim to ensure by passing mail-in voting.”

So WHAT exactly would have been your reaction in June of 2019 if someone had told you about this?



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