America Is Not Doomed. BUT …

America is not doomed. None of us are doomed to anything. Nothing — good or bad — is inevitable, not without our choice. In terms of America’s present crisis, we have a choice. We can choose liberty, freedom, rationality and common sense … or we can choose brazen irrationality, nihilism, totalitarianism, barbarism and anarchy. At no time has the choice ever been clearer, not in America’s history.

Societies have choices, just like individuals have choices. Sometimes a society, like an individual, reaches a crucial crossroads. It seems like we’re at one now. The choice to be free, and to embrace the self-responsibility and need for rationality that freedom requires, will always exist. If we totally lose our freedom, the choice will exist to return to freedom. Look at how Japan and Germany reversed course, following World War II. Look how America came out of its first civil war, although it was never easy.

We always have choices, and we still have choices now. A lot depends on this upcoming election. One side offers us totalitarian rule, hunkering down under government orders, confiscation of guns, restrictions on free speech, eradication of fossil fuels (the stuff of life) and a virtual government takeover of the entire economy, i.e, socialism. Defeating this platform is crucial. It won’t resolve everything. If the bad guys win, it will be very, very bad. If they lose, there will still be tremendous struggle, and probably riots and all kinds of other things. But choices will always remain. It’s just that the choices, if the bad guys win, will become much more difficult to exercise. We will have to fight to get our freedom back, rather than simply maintain it.

America is no longer at war with an external enemy. We have external enemies, for sure, but the strongest enemy — as we have seen — is our own government. The government that locks us down indefinitely, and both enables and supports anarchy and terrorism in the streets. That government is no friend of the individual. America is at war with itself. Those are the worst kinds of conflicts. The fate of the entire world depends on the outcome.


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