What the Hell is “Institutionalized Racism”?

Where does it exist? What’s the evidence?

I know Jim Crow laws were an example of institutionalized racism. State and local governments that forced individuals and businesses to segregate were racist. Those irrational, unconstitutional laws were abolished generations ago.

I know slavery was a monstrous example of institutionalized racism. Thanks to President Lincoln, slavery was abolished more than 150 years ago in America.

I am unaware of any large businesses or corporations (or small ones) advocating or practicing racist policies. In fact, most corporations bend over backwards to support Antifa and Black Lives Matter following the recent murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. Why these businesses see it as rational or just to support groups that openly burn down buildings and threaten lives as well as private property is beyond me. But the point is: You can’t accuse them of institutionalized racism. They unconditionally support the groups who claim, at least, to stand up for racial minorities.

So I repeat: Where is the EVIDENCE of institutionalized racism? What does this term even mean?

I know psychology. When you seek to instill unearned guilt in someone, you pelt them with labels. The intention of the term “institutionalized racism” is to make people feel guilty. The unspoken deal is this: “Support leftism and then I won’t call you a racist.”

Racism is clearly wrong and irrational. By and large, it’s illegal now. Racism is NOT widespread. It’s virtually nonexistent. George Floyd died because of bad policing, not racism. What the leftists are really after is your support of their socialist policies. They want you to FEEL like a racist if you don’t support things like: 90 percent tax rates; socialized medicine; a guaranteed national income of $50K or higher for doing nothing; unlimited benefits for non-citizens; and abolishing the police. THESE are now the policies of the Democratic Party and leftism.

If you don’t want to support THESE policies, then you are called a racist. If you are black and don’t want these policies, you are called a monster — proving that elimination of racism is not the primary motive here. Installing Communism is the primary motive.

It’s so obviously wrong. Yet millions keep falling for it. Decent people succumb to insane policies, like abolishing the police and nationalizing private property, so they won’t be called “racist”. Unearned guilt is literally destroying civilization. And Antifa/BLM/the Democratic Party stand gleefully ready to cash in on it.



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