Antifa/BLM: Today’s Nazi’s

This is what we did to the Nazis in WW II. Today, the enemy consists of fascist/racial supremacists obliterating our cities. The job of our military is to take them out, by any means necessary. And, if they survive, put them on trial, lock them up and throw away the key. How can this even be a question?

Should military troops be used to stop looters and rioters? OF COURSE. These looters have no rights. They gave up their rights the moment they started to destroy the property and risk the lives of others. They asked for it. Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups are TERRORISTS. Their violation of the rights of others is no less destructive, no less illegal and no less immoral, than the same destruction caused by outside armies or foreign terrorist groups would be. President Trump should have our full consent to OBLITERATE them, if that’s what it takes, to restore safety and peace to our cities.

It’s no time to blink. Because if you do, and if you feel sorry for these awful creatures, then you will soon have no cities — or suburbs or towns, where they promise to go next. We are in a civil war. Many of us are armed and ready to shoot them dead on our front door steps, if needed. These rancid thugs are actively supported, funded and bailed out by the Democratic Party, including the Biden campaign, as we speak. It’s the leftist movement against the rest of the country. The rest of the country has to win.



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