Leftist Terrorists Now Rule America’s Major Cities

Today’s crisis on the streets is nothing new. It has been brewing. In cities like Berkeley, CA, and Portland, OR, the police have been instructed to go easy on Antifa ever since Trump became President. In effect, this gives these little subhuman leftist monstrosities free reign to destroy life and property, because they’re on the “correct” side of the political aisle. Now we’re seeing the same phenomenon, but more on a national level.

President Trump states the obvious: “If you want law and order, you have to exercise control.” These leftist governors and mayors certainly know that. They LOVE control. They are the same officials pulling people out of the ocean, off the beach and out of hair salons. They are happy to fine or arrest you for not wearing a stupid mask. It’s not control they’re against. They simply support left-wing terrorism.

The deliberate negligence of officials in New York City, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and elsewhere puts them on the same level as the terrorists. It’s a form of passive support. As for the voters who will put these people into office again — I consider them terrorists too. Every last one of them. No more excuses.


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