If Black Lives Matter, Why Burn Down Their Businesses?

“Black Lives Matter More than White Profit.” So says the sign held by one of the looters we call “protesters”. What the hell does this mean? How does one person — white, or any other color — making a PROFIT at his/her business cause the murder of an innocent black person? What does MAKING AN HONEST PROFIT — whether $100, or a billion dollars — have to do with a rogue cop abusing his authority to kill an innocent man?

If I’m white, do I have to stop making a profit because a black man was suffocated by a white cop in Minneapolis? That makes no sense. What if I’m black? Or Hispanic? Or Asian? Do I still have to stop making a profit — or is it different simply because my ancestral heritage is different? Why or why not? Why the hell are we having to even ask these ludicrous questions?

By the way, the looter carrying this sign was more than happy to burn down and destroy the store or business of an innocent black person. The looter, most likely hired by white man George Soros, white man Bill Gates or the white man-run DNC, didn’t think about the race of the person’s livelihood he or she was destroying. If the livelihood being destroyed happens to be that of a black person, in all that looting and destruction, then where the hell do you get “Black Lives Matter More than White Profit”? The sign should read: “Black Lives Matter More than Leftist Antifa Narcissistic Looting & Destruction”.

I am SICK of all this. This is unadulterated madness designed to elicit unearned guilt. I am not buying it. You cannot make me feel guilty BECAUSE I AM NOT GUILTY OF ANYTHING. My race is neither an offense nor an achievement. This is true regardless of what my race is. I am sick of left-wing RACISTS on the scale of the Ku Klux Klan imposing the very same kind of irrational hatred and guilt-mongering done by the Ku Klux Klan back in the 19th and early 20th centuries — and getting to call themselves “progressive”, enlightened or “liberal” while doing so. It has got to stop.

The LEAST liberal people in society right now are the people carrying those signs as they promote or engage in looting and destruction. The MOST racist people are the ones holding those signs.

And the ones sitting at home applauding them, watching them on CNN and MSNBC, are no better. YOU, leftists of the world, are just as guilty. I will remember that in November. And far beyond.


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