The powers that be proclaim that the George Floyd riots are “protests” — not riots. But protests are peaceful and principled. Think Martin Luther King. THOSE were protests. Riots are destructive. They’re also contradictory. If you care about the rights of an innocent man murdered by an overzealous police officer, then you don’t burn down buildings, destroy small businesses and leave a pile of rubble behind you. You don’t attack police stations when you’re counting on the GOOD police to protect you. You don’t attack CNN (as much as they may deserve it) when it’s one of the networks on YOUR side. It’s rioting. It’s looting. It’s destruction for its own sake.

They’re counting on us not knowing the difference. Or they’re counting on us not being willing to state the difference. If you call them riots, not protests, then you’re called a “racist”. It’s part of the madness of the times in which we live. Conceptual thinking is dead, at least among the people who sit in news anchor chairs or in government offices and act as if they’re the rational, civilized and intellectual ones.

Look at the wreckage left behind in the cities. Then focus on the fact that Mayor de Blasio of New York City, the kooky mayor of Minneapolis, Hollywood/corporate leftists, and all the others tell you: “That’s a protest.” They are lying to you about everything. And they wish to train you to lie to yourselves.


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