Will Blue Cities Make Sure America Stays Shut Down?

The world’s largest and most prosperous cities won’t reopen. New York, San Francisco, Chicago. They are forever-Democrat cities. For them, it’s “Atlas Shrugged” in reverse. In Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, John Galt convinced the most productive people to go on strike. He told them to stop being doormats, pushed around by petty tyrants and bureaucrats. Blue states are the reverse. They are run by petty tyrants and bureaucrats. Their constituents, who keep voting for them, are parasites who live off the government or brain-dead ideological socialists. These fools and moochers are the ones shut down and on strike.

In a way, who cares? What does it matter if the world’s parasites and non-producers go on strike? Well, they have made it impossible for productive people to do business in these historically important cities. Chicago and New York are the product of a mostly capitalist past, not the leftist, bankrupt socialist state their present leaders now envision. At least, they’re on strike until the November election. And perhaps longer.

It’s the sociopolitical equivalent of a temper tantrum. “If you won’t give me everything I want, then I will make your life miserable.” Number One on their wish list: Get rid of President Trump. At ALL costs. He stands for the remnants of capitalism in a society that has been moving gradually leftward for decades. Trump’s a pragmatic Republican, not an advocate of fully hands-off free markets. But to them, that’s way too right-wing. Anything short of Karl Marx or the gleefully incoherent AOC is right-wing for them. And worse still, President Trump stands up to their media. He laughs at political correctness. To the core, HE DOES NOT CARE what they think of him. This is the biggest offense ever, in their minds. He must go, even if it means destroying the world. And thus far, they are succeeding. Check out the streets of Manhattan or Chicago, if you don’t believe me.

President Trump can’t make Blue Cities reopen. So what happens? The world suffers. The blue state tyrants are counting on people to blame Trump for the suffering. “Well, unless he sends me $10 trillion in money right now, it shows he doesn’t care.” But they are the ones who shut everything down–and will keep it shut down. Who will pay the price, in the end? I suppose we’ll know in November. But the damage may be so great by that point, that it might not matter. At least not for these cities who represent so much of the American economy.

Maybe the productive people will have to leave New York, Chicago and set up shop elsewhere. Maybe they’ll have to build new cities in places where people will, once again, be allowed to engage in commerce and association. It won’t be easy. But we sure can’t go on like this.



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