Trump Derangement Syndrome Literally Kills

According to a new poll from Reuters/Ipsos, 36% of Americans surveyed said that their “interest in taking a coronavirus/COVID-19 vaccine” would be diminished if “President Trump says the vaccine is safe.”

Trump Derangement Syndrome includes the false belief that if President Trump LIKES a treatment for COVID, then it can’t be good. So much for “follow the science.” But it presents an interesting scenario. Anti-Trump Democrats want mandatory tracing and vaccinations. They will give their governors (or President Biden, if they get him) unlimited power to force vaccinations on people. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them endorse concentration camps, or whatever it takes. But if it happens to be a vaccination Trump endorses — well, they will suddenly have to become civil libertarians. Does the contradiction even occur to leftists? Of course not. They only talk to one another.



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