Gov. Whitmer the Michigan Dictator

Some Michigan law enforcement agencies say they won’t enforce Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders meant to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The orders have enraged the Republican-controlled legislature and led to armed protests as some residents grow impatient over statewide restriction measures and business closures.

In a letter Monday, Shiawassee County Sheriff Brian BeGole said his agency won’t actively enforce the mandates, the Detroit Free Press reported.

“I have decided, within my authority, that our office cannot and will not divert our primary resources and efforts towards enforcement of the Gov. Whitmer’s executive orders,” he said.

She is worse than an ordinary criminal, and worse than a member of organized crime. She is using the government of a free state in a free country to attack the property, assembly and speech rights of millions of individual citizens. ARREST her, lock her up and convict her of the worst crimes of any Governor in U.S. history. This should be a no-brainer.


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