Why “Reopening” is B.S.

Let’s be real. Just for 5 minutes. “Reopening” is bullshit. They open up in inches on the premise that we operate only with permission. No individual judgment. Curbside retail. 30 percent capacity in restaurants. Give me a break. They might as well be closed. We now operate only with the permission of the government. Freedom is not the default. Freedom is the exception. “Oh, Master, may I…?” THIS IS NOT AMERICA. In America, at least before March 2020, we were free to do what we wish. Now, it’s only when the government says so. It’s the state of existence of a three-year-old. In the end, I blame the people. I blame the crazy, irrational and tyrannical leftists. And the fearful, afraid-to-make-a-judgment, “Oh my gosh, if I say what I think someone might dislike me” middle of the roaders. The leftists combined with the afraid-to-speak-up types make up a majority. And of course 95 percent of media/schools are now hard left. These groups are the ones who did us in, and I will always blame them even more than the governors. Quite honestly, I am glad I have no children. I fear for the future.



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