Government “Science” IS NOT SCIENCE

“Since Day 1 of this crisis, Delaware’s response to COVID-19 has been driven by the science.” So claims Delaware’s Governor John Carney and all the other tyrants now ruling most of America.

I am so SICK of this. Science, facts, reason and logic SHOULD be our guide. But much of science is subject to interpretation. Science, at present, knows far less about viruses than what it does know. Politicians, because they want power, pretend to talk to scientists who know everything. But they do not. We all should have been left free to decide for ourselves how best to handle this.

These arrogant career politicians have removed our ability to think for ourselves. They impose one-size-fits-all, irrational and contradictory mandates with the goalposts constantly moved. It’s like a sick joke. What they call “science” means listening to people employed by the government who support their narratives.

Their “scientific” advisors are POLITICAL advisors, first and foremost. People with similar credentials (M.D., Ph.D., etc.) who offer opposing theories and conclusions from outside the political power structure are ignored — if not outright censored by leftist-fascist operations like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. We are left with only ONE version of science … the politically correct one.

In poll after poll, huge majorities of Americans claim they don’t trust the government or politicians. Or the media, either. Yet when push comes to shove, they listen obediently to paid-off politicians/media hacks and let them define “science” in a way that alters the course of civilization forever.

Did anyone ever study the history of any authoritarian government? Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, etc.? They always have a crew of “scientists”: The scientists and doctors who say what the rulers want to hear.

Science would be a profoundly beneficial tool if divorced from the depraved, moralistic know-nothings who distort and abuse it. Get real, people. And get science the hell away from government.


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