What If It’s a “State of Emergency” … Forever?

What if your Governor said the following:

“It’s a state of emergency, until further notice. Because of that, we will have no more elections. Not so long as I say it’s a state of emergency. It’s a state of emergency for as long as I say so. So long as it’s a state of emergency, we don’t have to pass laws in the state legislature. I can suspend laws, and put them back, whenever I wish. The reason is the pandemic, and the state of the emergency. I can make up new laws. I can open and close businesses at will. I can open and close beaches, parks, stadiums, or do anything else I want. If I decide I want to use drones to spy on you, I can. If I decide you may not buy a gun, or should not own one, I may prohibit any of that, for the sake of public health. If I discover there are inappropriate things being said online by you, then for reasons of public safety I can punish you for saying them. Because of the emergency order, I can say or do anything I want in the name of public safety. Nobody can remove me from office, or sanction me in any way, because it’s a state of emergency. Normal elections and election dates do not apply, because it’s a state of emergency.”

In most states, at last half of this is already happening. What’s to stop the rest of it from happening? If a state of emergency gives your governor unlimited and unchecked power over literally everything for as long as he or she feels like it — then on what basis are you to argue against it? And if the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights or your state constitution are the basis for your arguing against all this tyranny — then why can’t you argue on that basis now, before your governor goes all the way? Rest assured, these career politicians are drunk on power. They WILL go all the way, if there’s nothing to stop them.

It’s mind-boggling insanity. And it’s not going to stop. Unless or until people rise up and stop it. In order to do that, they will have to come out from under their couches and beds … sometime.

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