The Mask Conveys: “I Don’t Think. And I’m Proud of It.”

The mask is an interesting symbol. They say it’s about health and “science”. The science tells us it’s of no use, especially the ridiculous cloth masks health professionals would never wear. The same government scientists said as much, just a month ago. It’s not about health or science. It’s about compliance. When a person wears a mask, he or she conveys, “I comply. I put my will in the hands of authority. I do not think. And I’m proud of it.”

Interestingly, the mask has another connotation: silence. It’s hard to hear someone when they talk through a mask. It’s creepy to attempt a conversation. It goes against rational human social skills to do so. In a weird way, I’m glad people are forced to wear masks. Because now you can tell the decent and reasonable people from the sycophants who drank the Kool Aid. I’d rather not be in this situation. But given that we are, the masks can be a helpful tool for evaluating people that our dictatorial rulers never intended.



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