What Will Be President Trump’s Next Move?

Scream “it’s a pandemic” all you want. Debate whether the shutting down of everything was initially about health, or not. Two months in, it’s clearly political.

As it stands: It’s a win-win for Democrats and leftists.

Shutting down the entire world — something never accomplished before — IS a win-win for Democrats. If most states stay closed, they get to destroy Trump’s presidency and drive him from office. Because even if President Trump stays in office four more years, the great majority of us will still be living under an open-ended dictatorship.

Trump’s tax-cutting and regulation-cutting that helped lift up the economy doesn’t matter now, because there’s no economy. We’re in the early stages of a Great Depression II. In the blue states, you can be sure, there will be no recovery by the election. The Democrats don’t want one. And even in red states, if someone sneezes they’ll have to close down again, by the CDC-WHO criteria they promise to follow. So the economy is gone, for the foreseeable future. I’m not being negative. It’s a fact. Without a fight — like the Civil War or World War II kind of fight — the economy is gone, at least until the election.

Is the Great Depression II still a win for the Democrats? Maybe not rationally. But Democrats are not rational. Most of the people I used to know who vote Democratic are not rational. They are indoors, watching CNN all day, believing everything they hear. They appear prepared to lose everything — I mean everything — because they believe if they walk out the front door, they will catch a cold and immediately die. I don’t call that rational. Do you?

It’s more than that. Because the longer people live a life of “you can only do what I say, and only go where I say you can go”, the more conditioned people will become to living under a tyranny.

When the Democrats take charge of the whole government again, as they intend to do, then they will have the world at their fingertips. They can continue the panic over coronavirus. Or they can use a different rationale. The point is: Once millions of people — in America, no less! — are conditioned to life under a tyranny, it doesn’t matter whether the tyranny was “for your health” or anything else.

ALL tyrannies are based on “for your own good”. Study the history of Communism and Hitler’s socialist state. They are all the same, in this respect.

Nothing the leftists and Democrats have done before — the faux Russia scandal, the impeachment/Ukraine fiasco — comes close to this. Nobody could have predicted it. Nobody did.

I’m not saying there is no virus. I’m not saying the Democrats made it up. But they have exploited a problem and turned it into, quite literally, the biggest catastrophe ever known to mankind. We are all living in the middle of it, and it’s just getting started.

Right now, the leftists, the “swamp” and the Democrats have Trump where they want him. They hold the upper hand, as of this moment. Millions of us, most of us in America, are living under a “temporary” dictatorship. There’s no such thing as a temporary dictatorship. If you believe that, you are probably a leftist Democrat.

Mind you, I say this as a Trump supporter. But it’s a fact. We can’t go on like this, and the thousands of people showing up at their state capitals clearly recognize this.

President Trump must totally and unequivocally get on their side. ASAP. He has been trapped in a contradiction. A brilliant trap set by leftists who hold the advantage of controlling the media, academia, government-run schools, and virtually all of corporate America, social media and Hollywood. President Trump is a hero. He stands up to this crap every single day. But this is a lot even for Superman. It’s the worst trap ever set in all of human history.

The president can’t stand side-by-side with Dr. Fauci, telling Americans, “Oh, no, you can’t go outside. This will go on for at least a year. And until there’s a vaccine — well, you can’t have a free country. I know that’s inconvenient, but I’m a doctor, so who are you to question me?” Clearly President Trump does not WANT to agree with Dr. Fauci on this. But until now, he has — reluctantly. Kind of, sort of — not. And that’s where we’re stuck.

President Trump has to get the hell away from this. If he doesn’t, then frankly he becomes part of the problem. I don’t think, in his heart or his mind, that he really is. I will still go out to vote for him in six months, regardless — assuming we even have an election, which I now do question. Don’t you? On the bright side, America did have an election during its first civil war back in 1864. But still …

It’s really a Lincoln, Civil War type of situation. By that I mean actually using force to make the governors stop denying the Bill of Rights to 99 percent of their state populations for the sake of 1 percent.

It’s really that bad.

I know that seems extreme to some, at the moment, to describe this as a civil war. But I have thought about this a lot. I have read and reread volumes of American history, in the months leading up to all this, because I sensed something was going to happen, although I could not say what. Now we know.

Tell me if there is a way out of this that brings us back to anything like what we enjoyed before. Maybe you remember and loved the 1950s and early 60s. Maybe you loved the 80s. Maybe you treasured your life in the 90s, or even the 2000s despite 9/11 and the big recession. NOTHING of that life is present. And if you think it’s coming back, that means you believe the word and good intentions of leftist Democratic, power-hungry governors. It’s not going to happen.

If you live in a rigidly blue state — like Michigan, or California — do you think there’s any chance your governor will back down? Governors are extending emergency orders indefinitely into the future. That’s clearly unconstitutional according to their own state constitutions, to say nothing of the U.S. Bill of Rights. IT’S CLEARLY INSANE. That is a dictatorship, if anything even more extreme than the dictatorships imposed by Nazi and Communist regimes that the U.S. used to oppose and fight. Perhaps the most insane part is that we’re not in the middle of a Second American Revolution over this. Because this is frankly worse than anything the British did to the colonists, way back when.

Something has got to give. Because before election day, Democratic governors are not going to budge. Even in Colorado, I understand they’re just going through the motions. In my own Democratic state of Delaware, the grotesquely incompetent governor can’t even seem to find the deck chairs to rearrange. Cuomo and Newsom, in New York and California, are merely high-profile incompetents. They serve their purpose … by doing absolutely nothing to enable people to start exercising their rights again. Pick your conspiracy: Checks from Soros, checks from Bill Gates. In the end, it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is: We are no longer a free people.

Will we fight back and rise again? That’s the only question that matters now. President Trump, are you listening?



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