Democratic Governors Hold Citizens Hostage

It’s clear what Democratic governors are doing. Because they have shut down private industry in their states almost completely, they are out of money. You don’t collect taxes without industry. Governors and mayors care about money most of all — NOT anyone’s health, NOT anyone’s small OR big business. All they care about is money for their state or city, and they want it fast.

Of course tax increases will come, but because they want to keep businesses shut down indefinitely, tax revenues will be severely limited. State governments cannot simply create or wish money into existence, like our federal government can (at least until we get hyperinflation for massive deficit spending and the currency loses all its value.) The federal government, because of the Federal Reserve, is their only means of quick cash to spend on citizens who scream for government relief since most are losing their jobs or businesses after only five weeks of this lockdown.

So our state governors, including in my own state — all the Democrats and some Republicans too — are literally holding their citizens hostage. “Until the federal government and Trump/the Republican Senate give us all that we demand, you can forget about our reopening the state.” That’s what it really comes down to. They’re even more evil than I would have thought, and I never thought career politicians were good people.

I won’t ask, “Where’s the outrage?” because I am tired of asking that question. In blue states, there is no waking up Democrats. They will walk off the plank if they’re ordered to do so. It’s some kind of deep, emotional sickness. They must serve. It’s like they hate themselves so much, they’ll drink any poison to serve their master.

Sure, a minority of us (maybe 20-30 percent?) are outraged and that will remain the case. It will undoubtedly grow, over time, but the leftist career politicians will NOT budge. The rest of the population — otherwise intelligent and accomplished people in other areas of their lives, in some cases — appear to be sheep or lambs following orders in preparation for slaughter and sacrifice.

[Pictured: Delaware Governor John Carney whining and complaining about lack of funds and how he can’t open up Delaware until he gets his funds.]


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