How FAR We Are from “Give Me Liberty … Or Give Me Death”

“Give me liberty or give me death.” Wow. America is a long, long way from that right now. I am embarrassed and ashamed for us. I want to live more than anything. That’s why I choose NOT to live my life in perpetual fear. That’s why I choose freedom over totalitarian rule by moronic hacks like most of our government. And as much as I love life, I know there are worse things than death. One of those things is a living death. Spending your life huddled up in a corner of your home, watching unaccountable Communist twits like Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper rail on about the end of the world (they hope) from their comfortable penthouses of hypocrisy. I am a mental health professional and have worked in psychiatric hospitals. I have had conversations with schizophrenics and symptomatic manic Bipolar individuals that made more sense than what I see going on in the world right now. This has GOT to stop.



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