The Clock Ticks … and Not Just on the Open-Ended Quarantine

How long before leftist governors shut down protesters? When will civil disobedience start? It could be a long summer in blue states, especially with nobody working, and parks, beaches, restaurants, bars, amusement parks and even churches and other gathering places remaining closed. What happens if mass numbers start to defy these arbitrary and increasingly severe edicts? The media will try to blame President Trump in hopes of hoisting their demented creep Joe Biden into power. But President Trump is already skillfully siding with the protesters who know their governors have gone way, way too far.

While coronavirus panic may have been about health in the beginning, it’s rapidly becoming about liberty versus unlimited government. It has the makings of a truly epochal showdown. Could the dishonest media and the totalitarian left’s attempts to take down Trump at any cost backfire as they did with the made-up Russia scandal and impeachment? We had better hope so. Because if not, we are not going to recognize our country by 2021.


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