The Blind Leading the Terrified

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, said in a recent interview that he is concerned about a resurgence of the virus several months from now.

“I worry about the Fall,” Gottlieb said in a podcast interview on Friday.

Dr. Christopher Murray, whose pandemic models have been used by the White House, said Sunday that he is concerned that relaxing social distancing measures too soon could lead to a resurgence of coronavirus in July or August.

“If you open up too soon, and there’s a big load of cases still in the community that have a potential to go back to community transmission, we can quickly see resurgences in some states,” he said in an interview on CBS News.

“If you open up the entire country May 1st, you would very clearly have a rebound.”

“So by July or August we could be back in the same situation we are now.”

These medical experts are so lost. They say it’s untenable to reopen the country fully May 1. But they also say it’s untenable to open the country back up if there’s ANY risk of illness resurgence. So they seem to be left with…doing nothing. By default. Staying closed indefinitely.

Their logic: In order to make sure the country doesn’t open back up and then close again, we have to…simply not open it back up. America, these people are LOST. For God’s sake, govern yourselves.


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