Hitleresque. Truly.

OK, let’s review. The Washington Post runs a story yesterday morning that President Trump is saying behind closed doors that he wants the country reopened by May 1. Excuse me: I have heard him say that openly. It makes ME happy to hear him say that. So why is that news? The Washington Post just makes things up, of course. It’s what liars disguised as journalists do. But the point is: They think it’s a BAD thing that the President wants the country to reopen. They expect their readers to be shocked and outraged by it. How perverse and pernicious is THAT?

Then we hear Bill Gates, a prominent and uber-wealthy Democrat, saying, in effect, “Well, we can’t reopen any time soon. It may take years.” And the architect of Obamacare saying we can probably never open up again, not before a cure. And then Governor Cuomo, the “moderate” voice of “reason” essentially saying, “We can open up eventually. But not until everyone gets stamped as immune or not.” Like the lines for concentration camps? Will they give us tattoos? Is that where we are? Just imagine the resistance to THAT. And Cuomo knows it.

So what’s going on here? Our officials have gone crazy. Literally bat-shit bonkers. The people in charge of whether civilization has a future or not are positively insane. OR: they’re just plain evil. My vote is for the latter. Like Hitleresque evil. Cuomo is literally stopping people at their pharmacies from taking potentially life-saving medication for coronavirus because … well, because it might help them. Because it would make President Trump, who endorsed the medication weeks ago, look good. We cannot have that. And Bill Gates…well, suffice it to say he’s the next George Soros. Only richer.

If these Democrats are not evil — and I am talking REAL evil, the slaughter of millions kind of evil — then isn’t the term meaningless? I don’t know about you. But I have had enough.


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