We’re in World War III: And Our Opponents are (1) the Virus and (2) the Democratic Deep State

Watch the video. A treatment protocol already exists for saving the people who develop the most severe symptoms of coronavirus. It’s called hydroxychloroquine combined with antibiotics. It also may help prevent the development of symptoms, or arrest the symptoms early on. The treatment caught the attention of President Trump himself.

Ask yourself: If people like the sainted, infallible Dr. Fauci, and the not-to-be-questioned Governor Cuomo (measuring drapes for the White House as we speak), are prepared to shut down civilization indefinitely (potentially starving people) for the sake of saving humanity — then why do they want to deny people the option to attempt a treatment for which we have evidence? What happened to the right to CHOOSE?

These heroic physicians, in the video, say we are at war, against a virus; that we’re in the middle of World War III. They’re not wrong. However, the biggest enemies are the people in charge who wish to stop any rational approach to solving this problem. It’s Hitleresque in its evil and sickness.