Churchill in the Coronavirus Panic … Imagine That!

Churchill and other great leaders taught people NOT to panic and urged them to take responsibility for themselves. He reminded them to preserve their liberty, and never to surrender it. Many of today’s “leaders” promise to take care of us; plead with us to remain paralyzed and hunkered down; and command us to surrender to all government authority.

We’ve gone from “Don’t panic, be strong” to: “Panic! For God’s sake panic! And obey.”

Which way is better?

A reader replied:

It’s not which is better or not better… it’s what will we put up with. I see 2 different issues here. That was then and this is Now. This is not a dress rehearsal. This is ALL of Our Reality right now. Time to choose whom you want to trust. For many it’s a choice between Life or Death. I choose Life.

Dr. Hurd’s response:

Life over death? I totally agree. It is easy to agree with such a generalized statement. But fostering anxiety over truth, i.e. all the relevant facts? Proceeding as if economic survival means NOTHING and it’s ok to starve or become a serf so long as there is ZERO chance that you or anybody catches coronavirus? That doesn’t seem like life. I guess that’s just me.



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