Bill Gates … the New George Soros? BRAND NEW PODCAST

Did you know that Bill Gates is way richer than George Soros? And that for years he has been fixated and obsessed on overpopulation — something that isn’t a problem under capitalism, and he knows it? Some very odd things have happened in the weeks leading up to the coronavirus panic and even in the last few days. We have some theories about this one. It’s sad. Back in the 1990s, many of us admired Bill Gates as one of the most noteworthy, game-changing entrepreneurs of all time. He was the ultimate “geek who made it”. Then he went leftist, of course, as nearly all wealthy people do — after they succeed, because it’s the way to fit “in”. But the evidence suggests it may be much worse than just the typical leftism.

Listen in on Trump 2020 Delaware campaign chair Robert Arlett, the elusive Grape Enabler and Dr. Hurd — who remain at least six feet apart — for their special shelter-in-place “Zoomcast”



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