In D.C., Principle is TOTALLY a Thing of the Past

“I was just standing up for the Constitution, and I did it in a professional manner that did not delay the bill,” Congressman Massie said in a phone interview, adding, “This is the biggest transfer of wealth in human history.” [Full story at Fox News]

He stood for a principle. The principle is that you can’t use shady or shaky methods to pass a bill in Congress, especially a hugely expensive one. If you’re principled, you have to admire his stance.

However, we are so far beyond that. The bigger principle involves the amount of power we have given the federal government. It’s now expected — and bipartisan — that whenever there’s a crisis, the government must step in and fix it. It’s not new. But it has taken on astronomical proportions. Trillions and trillions. Relief and spending bills now wildly surpass the amount of money that a thriving economy could ever make. On that premise, we should all stop working today. We can all be billionaires. The government has unlimited means and unlimited power for transferring over to us what doesn’t even exist.

It’s almost as if there’s a mass psychosis in Washington D.C. “We can make up money out of thin air.” This lone Congressman is the one who said, “No you can’t. At least, you need a proper vote.” He’s vilified, shunned and harassed, probably forever. Wasn’t it Orwell who said that in a future, irrational and totalitarian society it would be people who spoke the obvious truth who would encounter the most hostility? Orwell’s future is here.

Massie is the most hated man in D.C. because he’s a reminder of the unsustainability and insanity of what they’re doing.


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