The Media Will Kill People to Harm Trump

President Trump has repeatedly pointed to chloroquine, a drug known to treat malaria, as a potential remedy for the virus at the center of the pandemic. However, the media (CNN, MSNBC, the usual crowd) has proclaimed that if you overdose on the drug, it will kill you.

Are they trying to warn you that the drug is dangerous? No. They’re simply stating the obvious — that anything taken in an overdose will kill you. It’s just a way to try and make President Trump look like he’s spreading false information, rather than potentially life-saving information.

If examples like this don’t convince you that most of our media is not simply biased or wrong — but truly EVIL — then I don’t know what will. They are prepared to kill people to bring down Trump. Literally.

“Every drug ever in history kills if overdosed… Even water kills if taken in excess,” said Dr. Milton Wolf, a conservative activist. “The American media is garbage. They’ll claim a cure is a killer just to bash @realDonaldTrump.”

Be as careful of your media choices as you are of whose hand you shake.


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