“We the People” … Remember Them?

Is there a provision in the Constitution which states, “All rights and government processes are halted in the event of a virus; and that suspension remains in effect until the rulers say it doesn’t”? Our Constitution has been under attack for a very long time. But until this week, I don’t know that the United States has ever been in a state less recognizable to its Founders.

What will Democrats do if our rulers cancel the presidential election this fall? It would be entirely consistent with what’s happening. The virus is an excuse for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. And what will Trump supporters do if a special “national emergency” impeachment takes place to remove President Trump from office and install — oh, I don’t know — Hillary, Michelle or Joe, to calm the nation? Or how about a national gun grab, just because it’s an emergency? It may all seem preposterous. But how many things are federal and local governments doing right this moment that seemed preposterous just a week ago?



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