It’s Happening

You need psychology to understand what’s going on with the coronavirus crisis, including the hysteria.

Leftists/Democrats LIKE crisis. Most career politicians do (both parties). They are abusive, controlling and narcissistic personalities. For 30 years, I have watched this play out every single day of my therapy practice with couples, families and individuals.

It’s exactly the same now, only on a national scale.

Leftists, elitists, “Deep State” types, career politicians, RINOs … Label them what you wish. They WANT people to perceive a catastrophe. The more people perceive a catastrophe, the more people will feel helpless and afraid. The more they will become emotionally and behaviorally paralyzed. Instead of making decisions for themselves, they will increasingly let others make decisions for them.

Of course, this always means THEM — the leftist and Democratic people who dominate the media, academia and the federal government itself, even when a Republican or independent like Donald Trump is in charge. They are always the ones who are here to “rescue” and “help” you. Rest assured: It’s about them. It’s not about help.

They want fear. Fear means more control. It’s a party for them. They like seeing fun and normalcy suspended for everyone, even if only 1 or 2 percent of the population is sick. They’ll claim they’re worried about the hospitals filling up, or about the economy. Seriously? The same people who give us socialized medicine and economic stagnation. They don’t give a damn about anything or anyone. Except their own power.

I’m not saying every single person who votes for or supports Democrats is a narcissist. Many are simply ignorant and foolish, often sadly trusting fools. That applies to most of the younger people. But every single one of the people they support ARE — narcissistic, sociopathic or even worse. It can be bipartisan, but the point here is that it’s the Establishment, the Establishment of career politicians and bureaucrats that is still very much in power and is doing everything to destroy Donald Trump and his supporters, by the way.

You saw that during years of “Russia gate”, you saw it during the shameful and brazenly fact-challenged impeachment, and you’re seeing it now. I’m not suggesting anyone planted the coronavirus. That simply happened, to the best of our knowledge. But they will exploit this like nothing you have ever seen. I am watching it right now, before my eyes, and see it 20/20. You can and should too.

During normal times, at least half the population resists leftist calls for surrendering guns, for surrendering private health insurance, for curbing their views or opinions on social media, or for surrendering anything the leftists want to control. Crisis and catastrophe — perceived or actual, exaggerated or real — are nirvana for them. Remember that before you hand over everything to them. To an extent, they can even pull President Trump into this. He absolutely means well and loves the country. He is amazingly smart and tough. But these career political types are as evil as you can imagine. Do not trust them. Don’t be paranoid or afraid about them. Just THINK. Use your common sense, your critical thinking, your knowledge and perception of FACTS. Those are your greatest friends, always.

I am not saying there’s no cause for concern about coronavirus. Of course reasonable people are concerned. But all the experts can offer for advice so far is, “Wash your hands. Stay home more often than usual.” And we couldn’t have figured that out ourselves? All they have to offer is this obvious advice. And we treat them as authorities greater than ourselves? Doctors, nurses and researchers (outside of government circles) are to be trusted. But politicians? You wouldn’t let these people near your children, in most cases. So how can you trust them with your life?

I’m not saying it’s right or wrong for President Trump to declare an official national emergency. You can debate that. But there’s no question about the psychological reality here: Leftists want power. They WANT you to panic. They will take any power they can grab by any means necessary. We already knew that, without coronavirus, right?

In a historically free and rebellious, largely individualistic nation like the United States, total control remains impossible. It may always be impossible. But convince enough citizens that it’s literally the end of the world, and that all critical thinking, reasoning and (of course) freedom must now “temporarily” be suspended and replaced by the will of government authorities … and you can be SURE you’re not going to get any of it back.

Be afraid. But not of coronavirus nearly as much as the people we are about to put in charge of the whole agenda. Don’t let them win. Because they are more toxic than any virus we have yet to encounter.



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