Would It Still be a Catastrophe If Donald Trump Was not the President?

Democrats like New York Andrew Cuomo are writing the narrative as we speak. “The Trump response to coronavirus is like Hurricane Katrina. It’s the job of the federal government — not the state governments, and not (heaven forbid) the people themselves — to deal with this problem.”

What should the federal government be doing that it’s NOT doing? It’s never specified. The only thing I hear is “testing”. The obsession seems to be that if only we had “testing”, nobody would be sick. How can that be? No answer is given because in our insane media, the question will never be asked.

Beyond that, what else do they think the federal government should be doing? You will never hear the answer. All you will hear is that, “Because it’s all Trump’s fault, it’s never enough.” It’s circular reasoning.

Colleges are closing campuses and apparently many of the snowflakes are freaking out and going into a state of panic. Wow. Imagine how these same young people would have handled Pearl Harbor, the Civil War or the American Revolution.

I guess you can’t blame them. They’ve been told their whole lives that it’s the government’s job to take care of them. It’s the government’s job to take care of them in normal times, and it’s the government’s job to take care of them when there’s a catastrophe. What’s the evidence for and against the claim that we’re now in a catastrophe? Such a question never occurs to most of them. They have been trained to think with their feelings. Since feelings will never substitute for thought, they’re left with authority figures to tell them what to do. Their music, entertainment and sports stars won’t rescue them from this catastrophe, though. So they will have to look to … I guess it’s Joe Biden who will save them?

In a weird way, Cuomo and the others are right. If an Obama or Clinton or Sanders or Biden were in the White House, the media would not be telling us it’s a catastrophe. The media would be telling them everything is just fine. Move along; nothing to see here. Evidence to the contrary would certainly be blocked out by Facebook and Twitter. And it would never be reported on MSNBC or by the New York Times.

So what we need, according to the leftists, is to have leftists in charge of everything. That way, nothing is ever wrong and if it is, you can’t talk about it. (They’ll take your guns too.) If leftists are NOT totally in charge, and especially if Donald Trump IS in charge of part of the government — well then, everything is bad, you may not suggest or report anything else, and remember: It’s all his fault.

Diseases are not political. But reality is objective. Under the rule of the leftist media, we have no objectivity. Even if Donald Trump is the President, and he’s far more rational than any of them.


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