Coronavirus: Where’s the Evidence of the Catastrophe?

If the numbers of people infected with coronavirus are somehow evidence-in-advance of how bad this is, then why aren’t the death rates already higher?

Where is the proof that coronavirus is deadly on a scale far, far worse than the flu? I don’t see the evidence, and can’t go into a panic just because the media wants me to. What would panic resolve anyway?

What can the government actually do? I find it interesting that even some who don’t have any confidence in socialized medicine seem to have unwavering confidence in the government’s ability to fix the massive epidemic for which there is, as of yet, little evidence.

In the event of a widespread epidemic, it’s individual doctors we will be counting on. They will achieve whatever they do in spite of the government, not because of it.

I will always accept the presence and absolutism of facts, but I won’t treat speculation as facts.

In our emotionalist, often irrational culture, that’s what the media and stock market now do.

Your local psychic or fortune teller has a better track record on predictions of disaster than the always-wrong Anointed in government and the media who loves them.


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