The ONLY Reason to Oppose Gun Control

Gun control is always debated based on how much weaponry you do or don’t need to defend yourself against a criminal. Some say, “Why do you need a gun at all?” Others will say, “You need a gun, but you don’t need an assault weapon. You need this size ammunition, but not 10 percent bigger ammunition”. Nobody ever questions the premise that the main purpose of the Second Amendment is NOT defense against criminals. The main reason the Second Amendment was adopted at America’s birth? For defense against the government, should the government become tyrannical.

If only five percent of what we know about the Obama administration is true, how much worse might it have been without the Second Amendment? If Bernie Sanders and the other Communist Democrats mean only ten percent of what they promise (and I think they mean every word of it), then how on earth can we expect to survive the tyranny without weaponry, should people like this ever manage to seize power? If he wins, will Bernie Sanders hesitate to nationalize private property and the means of production MORE or LESS, knowing that at least half of Americans are fully armed?

It’s sobering and hard to hear, perhaps. But until or unless advocates of the Second Amendment put the hard truth out there, we’re going to lose. Thankfully, more and more people seem to understand that government has the potential to become the biggest criminal of all. If nothing else has come out of the Deep State, the rotten and corrupt Clintons, the shallow and tyrannical Obama, and now the savagely irrational socialists, at least more Americans are awake than ever before. A nation of people asleep at the wheel of their liberty will not survive as a free people. But once they wake up, corrections are always possible.


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