Will “Woke” Transgender Activists Destroy Women’s Athletics?

Sixteen-year-old track star Alanna Smith is one of three teenagers who filed a lawsuit in Connecticut on Feb. 13 to prevent transgender athletes from competing in their sport. [The Daily Wire]

Smith and Christiana Holcomb, one of her lawyers with Alliance Defending Freedom, spoke to the Daily Caller’s Shelby Talcott about the lawsuit, which names two transgender athletes in particular. The track star and her lawyer opened up about how having to compete against transgender athletes has affected the teenagers’ results.

“The policy in Connecticut doesn’t even require any sort of treatment or therapy or whatever to compete in the girls category,” Holcomb said. “They can do so without limitation. Number two, I think both science and common sense tell us that you can never fully undo the physical advantages that males have over females.”

The operative words here: Science and common sense. In the “woke” universe, those terms have absolutely no meaning. All that matters is “wokeness” — and politics. The phrases “science” and “common sense” are invoked to uphold wokeness, but they have no actual meaning.

It’s a truly fascinating case. At stake here is more than women’s athletics. It’s deeper: It’s objectivity and objective reality themselves.

Legally, nobody should be questioning an individual’s right to alter his bodily parts or call him/herself whatever he/she wants to be called with regard to gender. But to impose those desires on the rights, property or well-being of other people? To sacrifice women’s athletics in the process? It’s a truly monstrous injustice.

It’s also neurotic and narcissistic to assert, “I am a woman (or a man) because I say so. You have to accept this. You have to let me on your team as the gender I say I am”. This makes no more sense than saying, “You have to accept me on the team no matter how good or bad my abilities are. So what if you lose because of my bad performance? I SAY I’m a great player. So you have to take me”.

Where does it end? Do bad players have to be allowed to play all the time? Will you be called a “racist” or “transphobe” if you say that’s crazy?

We have all been trained NOT to discriminate, as if discrimination is never rational, and is automatically and always wrong. That assertion is plainly crazy. Discrimination can be right and rational, OR wrong and cruel. We discriminate every moment of our lives. It’s a basic component of human cognition. We have to stop pretending otherwise.

That’s what this case is really about.


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