Bloomberg the Fascist

“As New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg demanded that mothers breastfeed their babies and insisted hospitals keep baby formula under lock and key.”

The man has fascist attitudes. Whenever he doesn’t like something, his first (and permanent) reaction is: “There ought to be a law. Get rid of it”. No concept of personal freedom, individual choice or responsibility. Just, “I know what’s best. I am in charge. I will decide what you can and cannot do.”

The long-running joke about Bloomberg is his desire to ban diet cokes. But it’s no joke. He wants to ban anything that displeases him, up through and including your right to self-protection. It’s not difficult to imagine where he stands on the First Amendment, either.

The Democratic Party has elevated two of America’s worst politicians to the candidacy of the Presidency. One, Bernie Sanders, is a socialist (actually, a Communist) who favors nationalization of the electrical grid and the Internet through executive order; and the other is a Mommy State fascist who wants to take all of your other remaining liberties away.

No room exists in the psyches of these men who wish to control and ban everything they dislike. The real question: What has gone so deeply wrong with the people who support them?


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