BRAND NEW PODCAST! Democrats…Where Are They Going?

Dr. Hurd, Trump 2020 Delaware campaign chairman Rob Arlett and the anonymous Grape Enabler discuss the course of the Democratic Party. It’s kind of like discussing the tantrums of a young child, or the wild instability of a mentally ill individual. For example, the ripping up of President Trump’s State of the Union speech at the conclusion of his address. It’s amazing we have come to this point. But how is it that Democrats can even tolerate this in their own party’s leadership? Are they mad, too? Or more disgusted than the rest of us know?

More importantly: Where do independents stand on this kind of outrageous behavior? Not just the speech-ripping, but the faux impeachment charges, the relentless displays of hostility and hatred, on and on and on …

It’s all historic … but not in a good way.

Listen in on the discussion HERE!


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