What Mayor Pete Does for the Democratic Party (It’s Not Pretty)

I think I finally figured out why Pete Buttigieg holds any appeal at all to Democratic primary voters. It’s not because of who he is; it’s because of who he isn’t.

Kim Strassel of the Wall Street Journal said it best when she tweeted: “Everything that comes out of Mayor Pete’s mouth sound[s] beautiful. And means … nothing.”

Remember the Seinfeld show in the 1990s? Its creators joked it was a show about “nothing”. With Buttigieg’s campaign it’s the same thing. It’s more than that. Buttigieg can, for a time, pretend that he’s NOT a deceitful socialist schoolmarm, like Elizabeth Warren; that he’s NOT a befuddled, somewhat bitter and senile old man with the phony smile, like Joe Biden; and that he’s NOT an outright Stalinist, like Bernie Sanders. But in the end, so what? You have to take SOME positions on the issues.

Buttigieg can ride for a time on the weaknesses of his opponents. But then what? If you follow some of the things he has been saying over the last year, you end up pretty confident that he will, in the end, come out for things like the Green New Deal, nationalization of medicine, free college, economy-crushing tax rates and all the rest. And he did claim, at one point, that Thomas Jefferson references should be removed or renamed.

If none of these things matter to Democrats, then they should have no problem voting for the socialist schoolmarm or the outright Communist, just as easily as Buttigieg. Maybe Mayor Pete’s bland vagueness is a way for them to close their eyes to the destruction of their party and, quite possibly, the country.

If you look back on history, the candidate Mayor Pete most resembles, given his weakness on the military (despite a military background) and his fuzziness on the issues? Jimmy Carter. Good luck with that, Democrats — and America, should you make the horrific mistake of electing this man President.


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